Easily fulfill your messaging security requirements

The Secure Messaging services allows you to fulfill confidentiality requirements up to the highest level. Details can be found in the individual subsections.


SecureMail Portal has been decommissioned. Please use C2P (Azure Information Protection).

Thank you for visiting the SecureMail portal. Please be aware that this service has been discontinued.
For Novartis users: Classify to Protect (C2P) is now the Novartis approved and supported tool for email encryption/protection. Please visit C2P to learn more.
For externals: Please get in touch with your local contact from Novartis to learn more about the change.

Quick Facts:

  • - The Secure Mail size limit is 12 MBytes (attachments).
  • - Novartis Data Exchange can transfer data files up to several GBytes.
  • - The services are not GxP relevant

    Using the tabs on top, you can navigate to the appropriate service for more information.



Top known Secure Messaging issues


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