Getting Started

Novartis associates can use Novartis Data Exchange instantly by using the login link on the top right corner. In order to login the Windows credentials can be used (5-2-1 Unique-ID and password). After successful login files can be uploaded to a new - so called - package. Internal recipients can receive the package by opening the link provided to them within a notification e-mail.

External partners can also receive packages in the same way, but for this they must be registered for the Secure Messaging services (which is the same as registered for Secure Mail). This will happen automatically if they are not yet registered and a Novartis associate sends them a package. If the external partner is already registered for Secure Messaging with password, the existing login credentials can be used to open the package.

External partners can only be registered by receiving a Secure Mail or Novartis Data Exchange package from an internal user. The internal user will then get the external partner's One-Time-Password needed to fulfill the registration. The One-Time-Password shall be transmitted to the external partner by using an alternate channel (do not use unencrypted e-mail!) like SMS or phone.

External partners that use S/MIME for Secure Mail have to get in touch with their Novartis contact in order to request a Secure Messaging password which then is valid for Secure Mail and Novartis Data Exchange. The Novartis associate have to forward the request to

If you encounter any problem during the registration, installation or setup procedure, please check the links below or contact your local IT Service Desk.
Novartis Data Exchange