Certificate Issuer Statement

The Novartis Secure Mail Certification Authority (CA) issues S/MIME proxy certificates for use with the secure email system.

Download root CA certificate: Novartis Silver Root

SHA1 thumbprint:

36 94 b6 0c a9 17 b9 d7 e6 0f d2 a4 c4 e5 4e ae 48 04 5f a9

Download issuing SHA1 CA certificate: Novartis Silver Two_SHA1

SHA1 thumbprint:

a6 d2 e6 a0 7a 22 a6 0a de 93 f9 4a 81 7e 74 db 5c df 3e d7

Download issuing SHA256 CA certificate: Novartis Silver Two_SHA256

SHA256 thumbprint:

fa 8e 8c 33 bf f5 f7 89 a4 c6 6f 62 7d e4 d5 a6 66 78 3a 29

You can verify these certificates by comparing the thumbprint with the downloaded CA certificates.

For more information, please contact postmaster.securemail@novartis.com.